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Welcome! It's so nice to meet you. 

Sunday Light was created when a hobby turned into a passion to create a sustainable and high quality product that makes a house a home. 

It is made for the light that shines differently on Sunday. Whether the day is spent snuggled up in bed or folding laundry, each Sunday has a special energy that our shop captures. 

We would be absolutely thrilled to take up a small space in your home.
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Creating spaces that inspire through careful curation and nostalgic scents. 


Whether sourcing candle supplies, or curated goods, we are committed to making sustainable, and fair decisions that result in the highest quality product. Period. 


Each candle is made with 100% pure soy wax making them natural and renewable. We also ensure our candles are free from phthalates. Each candle is handpoured in small batches to ensure consistency and care. Each scent that is introduced into the line goes through rigorous testing to ensure you will have a product that upholds the highest quality standard possible. Through our testing we have created a collection that is sure to provide an experience that only smell can.


Curated items selected in our shop are items and brands that we stand behind. They are items that are personal, enhance our lives, inspire us, make us happy, and will last a long time. We believe every space should inspire.

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Free shipping Canada wide on all orders over $75   |   Fall is coming: September 2nd, 2022

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